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Available Services

Service Name Description Service Charge (INR) Action
Bonafide Certificate "Get hassle-free Bonafide Certificates - your gateway to smooth academic and professional transitions. ₹150.00
Income Certificate "Unlock opportunities with our seamless Income Certificate service - your key to accessing benefits and opportunities tailored to your financial profile." ₹150.00
e-PAN Card "Instantly obtain your e-Pan, simplifying your tax filing process and unlocking a world of digital financial transactions." ₹150.00
PVC Pan Card "Experience convenience with our PVC Pan Card service – durable, portable, and your essential identification for seamless financial transactions." ₹300.00
Land Holding Certificate "Obtain your Land Holding Certificate swiftly - facilitating property transactions and legal documentation effortlessly." ₹300.00
Cast (SC/ST) Certificate "Secure your SC/ST Certificate promptly, empowering you with access to reserved opportunities and essential government welfare schemes." ₹150.00
EPF Withdrawal Assistance "Streamline your EPF Withdrawal process, ensuring swift access to your hard-earned savings for financial stability and security." ₹300.00
Professional Resume Services "Elevate your career with our Professional Resume Services - expertly crafted resumes tailored to showcase your unique strengths and expertise." ₹150.00
GST Registration Assistance "Simplify your journey into GST compliance with our registration assistance service - expert guidance and seamless processing to get your business GST-ready." ₹500.00
Company Registration Solutions "Start your entrepreneurial journey effortlessly with our comprehensive company registration services - expert guidance, seamless processing, and tailored solutions to establish your business with ease." ₹500.00
IGNOU Admission Assistance Description: "Navigate the complexities of admission to Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) with ease - our specialized assistance ensures a smooth application process and admission success." ₹300.00
IGNOU Re-registration Support "Streamline your re-registration process with our dedicated IGNOU re-registration services - expert guidance and hassle-free assistance for seamless continuation of your academic journey." ₹150.00
Learner's License Application "Embark on your driving journey confidently with our learner's license application service - expert guidance and streamlined processing for hassle-free acquisition of your learner's license." ₹300.00
Employment Card Renewal Simplifying the process of renewing your employment card for continued work authorization. ₹50.00
GameTopUp Easily replenish your in-game resources with our convenient top-up service, enhancing your gaming experience effortlessly. ₹29.00
Agriculturist Certificate Seamlessly obtain your agriculture certificate, ensuring credibility and compliance in the agricultural sector. ₹150.00
Dogra Class Certificate Your gateway to acquiring the prestigious Dogra class certificate, validating your expertise and proficiency. ₹150.00
Marriage Registration and Certificate Simplifying the process of marriage registration and certificate issuance for a seamless transition into marital bliss. ₹300.00
BPL Certificate Facilitating the acquisition of your BPL certificate, ensuring access to essential benefits and services for those in need. ₹100.00
PariwarRegister Your convenient solution for registering and documenting family details, ensuring comprehensive records for administrative purposes. ₹150.00
Aadhar Address Correction Easily correct your Aadhar address hassle-free with our streamlined service. Update your details swiftly and accurately, ensuring your Aadhar information reflects your current address without any complications. Simplify the process and enjoy peace of mind knowing your Aadhar data is up-to-date ₹150.00

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